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The Boujee Bride is a family owned business founded at the end of 2020 during the pandemic by co founder, Emily. We wanted to create something beautiful that would have a lasting impact on our customers and the world.

In May 2020, our son was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour and from this stemmed a great desire to give back to the charities that helped us through this distressing time. We pledge to give 10% of all profits to the Brain Tumour Charity to allow them to support families alike during these times of need.

We are an eco-friendly brand, focused heavily on sustainability. Our goal is to provide our customers with stylish, high-quality clothing that is both elegant and sustainable. Shop with us and be part of the movement for a greener future.

A mum and her two children looking into an animal enclosure
Two friends wearing baseball caps, sunglasses and matching T-shirts smiling at each other


We hope that we will continue to grow this community of brides and their bride tribes. 

We would absolutely love, to one day be walking down the street and see a bride wearing one of our

t-shirts or sweatshirts. Better still, seeing a pair of newlyweds jetting off on their honeymoon sporting our tracksuits. 

We strive to become even more environmentally friendly and will aim to lower our carbon footprint year on year. The introduction of recycled threads is nearing along with the use of eco-friendly glues on the packaging stickers. We WILL protect our planet.

Our charitable donations are something we will continue to support with. In the future, we want to promote charitable giveaways and raffles to boost the amount we raise.

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